Anti-Union Lawmakers in Indiana Face Recall

The fight to protect workers’ rights and defeat anti-union legislation in our nation’s statehouses continues in Indiana as working families rev-up for an expected voter referendum to repeal the state’s new right-to-work (for less) law.

The Republican-led Indiana General Assembly passed the bill last week. Governor Mitch Daniels (R) signed it into law on February 1, 2012.

“On behalf of all working men and women across Indiana, we are extremely disappointed that the Indiana General Assembly has passed the ‘right-to-work for less’ bill,” said Indiana State AFL-CIO President Nancy Guyott. “They have set our state upon a path that will lead to lower wages for all working Hoosiers, less safety at work, and less dignity and security in old age or ill health. However, their victory will be as short lived as this legislation is shortsighted. Hoosiers will now rise up, join forces and repeal this anti-worker agenda.”

Indiana’s fight to restore workers’ hard-earned rights is the latest in a number of similar – and successful – efforts across the country. Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich’s anti-union legislation that sought to restrict collective bargaining rights was repealed in a voter referendum last year. Last fall, Wisconsin voters succeeded in recalling two senators who supported legislation to curtail collective bargaining rights. And a recall of Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker is underway.

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