Barrett to Face Walker in Historic Wisconsin Recall Vote

The stage is set for an historic and long-anticipated recall election of anti-union Governor Scott Walker (R) in Wisconsin.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett won the Democratic gubernatorial primary Tuesday with nearly 60 percent of the vote. He will now face off against Walker in a general recall election June 5.

The recall, triggered by the collection of more than a million signatures, was spurred by anger over Walker’s proposal passed last year stripping public workers of their right to collectively bargain.

“Do we want a governor who has divided this state like it has never been divided before? Do we want a governor who has caused this state to lose more jobs than any other state in this country?” asked Barrett during his victory speech. “This race is not about the past. It is about the future of Wisconsin.”

Madison firefighter and union leader Mahlon Mitchell won the Democratic Lt. Gov. race to challenge incumbent Republican Rebecca Kleefisch. And four Democrats running for state Senate seats easily won their primaries. The Democrats were running against contestants described as “protest” or “fake” candidates who were recruited by Republicans.

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