Battle for the Internet: Tell Congress to Support Net Neutrality

On February 26, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is expected to vote on a proposal that would allow internet service providers to charge higher premiums for select content and slow down your internet connection.

Tell your House and Senate members to support Net Neutrality.

The proposal allows for the creation of, at the very least, a two-tiered internet system where one system would be known as the “fast lane.”

The biggest proponents of this new rule are cable companies, who stand to make record profits if approved. Corporations and special interest groups are also chomping at the bit for the chance to beef-up access to their content and stifle their opponents.

“Net Neutrality is not just about Big Cable vs. the FCC,” said IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger. “This fight extends well beyond that. It’s a fight to stop companies with big pockets from owning what was originally designed as a free and open network of information. Net Neutrality affects labor – working men and women – as the internet increasingly becomes an instrumental part of our voice. This vote is without a doubt a game-changer in the way we all use and interact with the world wide web.”

Learn more by visiting Battle for the Internet. Find out instantly where your members of Congress stand on this issue and then send them a message and shout your support for Net Neutrality.

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