Boeing Launches New Competition in South Carolina

IAM members of District 751 helped perfect a production line at the Interiors Responsibility Center (IRC) in Everett, WA (above). Boeing is now planning to build a duplicate facility in South Carolina.

The Boeing Co. claims it will create at least 150 new jobs somewhere in South Carolina when it opens a parts fabrication plant to supply the controversial 787 assembly line being built in Charleston, SC.

The announcement by Boeing indicated that a location for the facility had not been determined, triggering speculation that Boeing will pit county against county in yet another bidding war for rights to build a Boeing facility.

Last year, South Carolina lawmakers approved nearly $1 billion in incentives, bonds and other inducements to persuade Boeing to build the 787 assembly line in the Palmetto state. Many lawmakers and union leaders believe the competition was staged by Boeing to extract as much taxpayer incentives as possible

Boeing has repeatedly recognized the superior quality of the products and services provided by IAM members in the Interiors Responsibility Center (IRC) in Everett. The new facility in South Carolina would replicate the work performed by IAM members at in Everett.

“What is the motivation behind duplicating production lines and awarding work to a yet unbuilt and unproven facility when you publicly acknowledge the superior product, efficiencies and skills we currently provide here?” asked District 751 President Tom Wroblewski. “It’s yet another Boeing business decision that doesn’t make sense.”

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