Boeing Promotes Mexico Outsourcing Conference

Boeing’s director of Supply Chain Strategy and Supplier Management, Patrick McKenna, is pressuring vendors and suppliers to attend a workshop in Chicago where they would be taught how to do business in Mexico.

The workshop is being conducted by American Industries Group (AIG), a private company that promises to teach attendees how to set up business in Mexico and “how to start manufacturing in 45 days.” The company promotes Mexico’s “affordable workforce” and “up to 80 percent in labor-cost savings.”

According to a recent Seattle Times article, organizers of the outsourcing conference will waive the $200 registration fee for Boeing suppliers.

“Several of our suppliers have successfully set up factories in Mexico because of the numerous advantages that Mexico offers to aerospace suppliers,” said McKenna in a letter to suppliers dated Oct. 17. “Boeing will be sending several people to this event, and we wanted to inform our supply base of this opportunity.”

Among the featured speakers at the conference is Herminio Blanco, a former member of the Mexican government responsible for negotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). According to an AIG spokesperson, the company has helped more than 200 corporations get started in Mexico, with 80 percent coming from the U.S.

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