California Board Rules for IAM Members in Long Beach

A deceitful ploy by the City of Long Beach backfired when they took unilateral action that led to the loss of five days of wages for IAM members over a period of five months in 2009.  In a landmark decision, the California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) ruled in favor of IAM members who were furloughed by the city without first negotiating the terms of a furlough policy with District 947 and Local 1930.

The unfair practice charged, filed in May 26, 2009, by District 947 and Local 1930, argued that the city must first negotiate the terms of a furlough policy with the IAM before it can be implemented.  On June 1, 2012, the Board ruled that the city rescind the furlough policy that was unilaterally implemented on May 5, 2009, and that all IAM members affected by the implementation of the policy be made whole.

“This is an incredible decision.  The IAM is the only municipal workers union in California that puts our members first,” said Western Territory GVP Gary Allen.  “While others let their members be scapegoated by allowing unilateral implementation of furloughs, the Fighting Machinists of District 947 and Local 1930 stood up and defended our members.  Congratulations to our members, officers and representatives on a great victory for the City of Long Beach public servants whose hard work and dedication to the job is too often taken for granted. Grand Lodge Representative Ray Rivera, Directing Business Representative Richard Sanchez and Local Lodge President Dan Gonzales are to be commended for their leadership and team work. Once again the IAM proves members come first in this Union.”

“I would like to thank the officers and members of District 947 and Local 1930 for their support and dedication in this matter,” said Grand Lodge Representative Ray Rivera.  “Without their efforts, support and patience, this initial victory would not have been possible. I would especially like to thank the Local Lodge 1930 MOU Negotiation Team for all of their efforts and hard work on behalf of our membership in Long Beach. They exhibited true leadership throughout these difficult times when public sector unions are under attack across the country.”

A special thanks also to BR Christa Indriolo, BR Janet Schabow, former Councilwoman of the City of Long Beach Tonia Reyes Uranga, and attorney Dana Martinez for their hard work and dedication toward putting this case in the win column for all who toil.

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