California to Vote on Billionaire Bill of Rights

A deceptive proposition that would increase the ability of business groups and billionaires to buy elections will be on the ballot this November in California.

Proposition 32, deceptively known as the “Stop Special Interest Money Now Act,” aims to cripple the ability of unions to participate in politics, but have little or no impact on unlimited spending by Big Business and the wealthy.

“Prop. 32 is the polar opposite of even-handed campaign finance reform,” writes San Francisco State University Professor John Logan on The Hill. “It would turn California elections into Citizens United on steroids.”

Logan refers to Prop. 32 as a “Billionaires’ Bill of Rights.”

“Prop. 32’s restrictions against spending through payroll deductions — which is how unions raise money for political campaigns — would virtually eliminate this public interest spending,” he says. “If it were to pass, businesses and billionaires who have spent almost a billion over the past decade would dominate California elections even more than they do today, while ordinary Californians would be stripped of an effective voice.”

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