Canada District 140 Expands at Vancouver Airport

Passenger Agents and Special Services employed by Airport Terminal Services (ATS) at Vancouver International Airport are now members of District 140, Local 16 in Richmond, BC. The new members provide passenger check-in services for US Airways and Virgin Airlines and other non-scheduled airlines as well as Special Services for those passengers requiring wheel chair assistance.

“During the organizing campaign one of the inside committee members was fired, which put fear into the workers and had a negative effect,” said IAM Grand Lodge Representative Ron Fontaine. “After successfully representing him before the Labour Board, it didn’t take long for the workers to appreciate the value of becoming an IAM member. It definitely was the catalyst for a successful campaign.”

“With the diligent work of District 140 General Chairman Todd Haverstock in representing this individual at the Labour Board, and the continued effort of Local 16 Organizer Rick Singh, the workers realized that the IAM is what was needed to protect their future,” said Fontaine.

When the IAM filed for certification at the beginning of 2012, there were 46 potential new members. “That number has increased to over 100 with the additional business that ATS has acquired since then,” said Fontaine. “This is a great addition to our IAM family”

The IAM is the largest union in the Canadian Air Transport Sector representing more than 18,000 workers.

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