Celebrating Black History: IAM Spotlights Geny Ulloa

The IAM Human Rights Department has taken on its own identity within the IAM, with the sole purpose of advancing equality and justice. 

This February, the IAM Human Rights Department is featuring accomplished IAM members of the Black community in celebration of Black History Month. 

IAM members being honored for Black History Month are among the many trailblazers in our union.

Geny Ulloa
Nominated by: IAM Midwest Territory

IAM Midwest Territory Grand Lodge Representative Geny Ulloa brings tenacity to the IAM by always speaking his mind. One of his cornerstones in life is his perspective to continuously do the right thing and he teaches others to follow that same path.  

Ulloa mentors and teaches organizers on the tools of growing our IAM membership throughout the Midwest Territory. He continues to personally grow and learn by earning his bachelor’s degree from SUNY Empire State University. He has a coveted talent for bringing unique viewpoints into any conversation that we all can benefit from. 

Ulloa came to the IAM in 2000 to Local 623 in St. Cloud, Minn. He currently serves the IAM as a Grand Lodge Representative and is the Midwest Territory Organizing Leader.

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