Celebrating Black History: IAM Spotlights Richard ‘Richie’ Roberts

The IAM Human Rights Department has taken on its own identity within the IAM, with the sole purpose of advancing equality and justice. 

This February, the IAM Human Rights Department is featuring accomplished IAM members of the Black community in celebration of Black History Month. 

IAM members being honored for Black History Month are among the many trailblazers in our union.

Richard “Richie” Roberts
Nominated by: IAM Air Transport Territory

Richie Roberts currently serves as the President of Local 914 in Newark, N.J., one of the Air Transport Territory’s more prominent locals. He has held several positions since becoming a member of the IAM, such as a GSAP Trainer, Grievance Committee Person, and Shop Steward, to name a few. After quickly learning that many of his members didn’t know the union was more than just grievances, he committed his leadership to educating and mentoring his membership. Roberts is steadfast in his leadership and is the first African American to hold the office of President at his local. 

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