Chicago Unions Rally in Support of Striking IAM Local 701 Mechanics

Members of IAM Automobile Mechanics Local 701 members strike Piemonte Chevrolet in east Dundee, IL, for fair wages, benefits and working conditions.

Unions representing 500,000 members in Chicago and Cook County, IL rallied in East Dundee, IL, to support the IAM Automobile Mechanics Local 701 members on strike at Piemonte Chevrolet.

The auto mechanics say they aren’t asking for much. They want the same wages, benefits, working conditions and respect provided at two other local Piemonte stores.

Watch the “Local 701 Strike Rally” video.

“I’m very proud of our members standing up for the wages, benefits and working conditions they deserve,” said Local 701 Directing Business Representative Sam Cicinelli. “This is the ninth week of the strike and they are standing strong. The response from Piemonte Chevrolet does not reflect the respect we show Piemonte at their other stores. We have a good working relationship at Piemonte Ford and Piemonte Nissan where we have had union contracts for years.”

“Union members practice what we preach,” said Chicago Federation of Labor Secretary Treasurer Bob Reiter. “We buy union-made cars and trucks. Whether it is the individual union member or unions as organizations. We buy our cars at union dealers and have our vehicles serviced at facilities that are represented by unions. I can tell the members of Automobile Mechanics Local 701 on strike here in East Dundee that the 500,000 member Chicago Federation of Labor has there back.”

Watch the “Local 701 Strike Rally” video.    

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