Connecticut District 26 Members Rally at Local Pratt Plant

Hundreds of IAM District 26 members employed by Pratt & Whitney (P&W) in East Hartford, and Middletown, CT, marched through the factory this week, shouting “solidarity forever” and blowing whistles, to demonstrate their support for their Negotiating Committee currently in talks for a new agreement.

The current three-year agreement covering 2,700 members at Local 700 in Middletown, CT, and Local 1746 in East Hartford, CT, expires Sunday, December 8.

The one-hour march comes days before union members are scheduled to vote on a new agreement as a result of the company’s continuing attacks on their jobs. Members identified job security as a key issue in these talks amid company proposals to subcontract even more work to outside vendors.

“The memberships’ resolve was heard loud and clear by the Negotiating Committee,” said District 26 Assistant Directing Business Representative and Chief Negotiator Mike Stone. “They demonstrated their support with an overwhelming strike authorization vote and continue to show their faith in this committee through their actions.”

The demonstrations continue in both locations as members voice their displeasure with management. Production was not interrupted during the demonstrations.

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