Connecticut Hamilton Sundstrand Workers Gearing Up for Negotiations

The Local 743 Bargaining Committee goes through a simulated contract negotiation with staff members of the IAM William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center to prepare for upcoming bargaining with Hamilton Sundstrand in Windsor Locks, CT.

As part of getting ready for upcoming contract negotiations at Hamilton Sundstrand in Windsor Locks, CT, the Local 743 Bargaining Committee attended a week-long Negotiations Preparations session at the Winpisinger Center for training that included Communications and Member Mobilization, Strategic Planning, Law and Collective Bargaining, Bargaining Strategies, Contract Costing, Power Analysis, Drafting Contract Language and Presenting Proposals.

The week culminated with a realistic negotiations simulation, where Winpisinger Center staff transformed into hard-nosed company bargainers arguing for issues and proposals that negotiators will likely be facing.

“The instructors at the Winpisinger Center have helped position us to negotiate the best contract we possibly can for our membership,” says Bargaining Committee member Karen Blanchard. “The classes at the Winpisinger Center focused on advanced training in strategic planning, drafting contract language and team dynamics. This curriculum has provided a strong base for our committee.”

“The Local 743 negotiating team is unified and ready to bring home the best possible collective bargaining agreement to our members in Connecticut,” says Committee Chair Mark Hebert. “Our members are demanding immediate job security, pension improvements and healthcare. This IAM training program has prepared us for just that fight with Hamilton Sundstrand in Windsor Locks, CT, and our members won’t tolerate anything less.”

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