Connecticut Local 1746 Women’s Committee Supports Local School

The IAM Local 1746 Women’s Committee partnered with the East Hartford Public Schools recently to introduce the school’s best STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) Night yet.

Eighteen members volunteered their time and creativity to show off Machinist related skills that they use for their jobs on a daily basis. They talked to students about how important the STEAM subjects are to their jobs in the manufacturing world.

“The main goal was to highlight that there are other paths besides college,” said Women’s Committee Chair Thérèse Hervieux. “And that good union jobs offer better paying wages for those looking for skilled careers as machinists or in the trades.”

A few of the highlights were Tool and Die maker Wes Rockhill, who showcased a bolt and nut measuring activity, and a machine repair. Kyle Heinig created two activities, the F-22 circuit activity and the ultrasonic distance activity. Lead Carpenter Mario Sierra created and assembled kits, and helped kids on the most popular activity – making a suet bird feeder.

“My thanks to the Women’s Committee, and all the volunteers,” said IAM Eastern Territory General Vice President David Sullivan. “What a great opportunity to expose kids in our communities to unions, and how union jobs raise our communities by offering better paying, safer jobs, with respect and equality on the job.”

“Tremendous effort by all involved,” said IAM Women’s and Human Rights Director Julie Frietchen. “I’m extremely proud of this committee and the work they did to make the outcome such a success. My thanks go out to all involved.”

“Many thanks go out to Eastern Territory Chief of Staff Chuck Herod for his donation of sheets of union stickers to use on the many activities, IAM Local 743 President Travis Williams for securing use of their miniature spacesuit, IAM Local 1746 President Howie Huestis and Vice President Geronimo Valdez for volunteering and leading by example for the entire event,” added Hervieux. “A special thanks to our local lodge, and all of our volunteers for their generosity in supporting this event, Lowe’s for their material donation and most of all thanks to all the brothers and sisters who put so much energy into a great evening of fun, solidarity and subtle organizing for the future of our union.”

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