Continental Micronesia Flight Attendants Ready for Election

From left to right: Bee Fugate, Barbara Tudela, Ron Jackson, Lalia Valdez, Vilma Santos, Paula Segal, Cynthia Iverson, Laurel Baker, Jack Hegg, Marvin Fernandez and Linda Hiton Santos

An enthusiastic group of IAM-Continental Micronesia Flight Attendants visited the IAM’s Education and Technology Center in Southern Maryland to help coordinate resources for the upcoming representation election. The group discussed key issues surrounding the campaign and the importance of maintaining their IAM contract.

“We’ve worked so hard to obtain the best contract for us,” said Guam-based Continental Micronesia Flight Attendant Cynthia Iverson. “Of the three carriers, I believe our contract stands out as the best, hands down. To compromise any of that is absolutely unacceptable.”

“As a single mother, I was able to put my children through college, while at the same time earning my Master’s degree,” said Continental Micronesia Flight Attendant Barbara Tudela. “I was able to buy a house. I could not have done that with the United contract. I feel my quality of life is being threatened. If CWA-AFA wins, my life will be turned upside down.”

The Flight Attendants say one of their key concerns is the preservation of a secure pension. Continental Micronesia Flight Attendants voted five years ago to participate in the IAM National Pension Plan, a guaranteed, defined benefit plan that is 105 percent funded.

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