Contractors at Maryland Naval Annex Join the IAM

Defense contractors working in Southern Maryland at Solomons Island Naval Annex recently voted to join the Machinists Union. The 112 workers employed by AECOM perform skilled labor retrofitting and refurbish government equipment for the U.S. Navy.

The win was the result of a longtime organizing campaign with District 4 and Local 4. Wages, benefits, working conditions and wanting a voice in the workplace drove the employees to keep fighting for union representation.

“This is the epitome of persistence,” said District 4 Directing Business Representative Rick Compher. “We never walked away, and every time they came to us saying they were ready, we would try again. We welcome the new members into the District, and we look forward going to the table… and negotiating a CBA to represent their interests.”

With any organizing campaign an internal committee is essential to prevailing.

“Ninety percent of the credit goes to the workers,” said District 4 Business Representative Mark Duval. “We met with them, we explained to them that they have to talk to everybody, talk to the new hires and get them off the fence. They did that, and it made the difference.”

“I welcome our new members to the IAM family,” said Eastern Territory General Vice President Jimmy Conigliaro Sr. “My thanks go out to DBR Rick Compher, BR Mark Duval, SR Bryan Stymacks, and all the volunteers from District 4, and Local 4. Their dedication shows in the results.”

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