Corporate Agenda Guides GOP Attacks on NLRB

Right-wing Republicans in Congress, who have been relentless in their attacks on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), are increasingly on the defense for failing to introduce a single policy or program to address the nation’s job crisis.

According to an analysis by American Rights at Work (ARAW), anti-worker legislators have attacked the NLRB and NLRA nearly 50 times in 2011. “They’ve introduced 24 bills and amendments; approved one continuing resolution; held eight hearings; and tied up the agency with eight threatening letters, four official requests for documents, and one subpoena,” said ARAW Press Secretary Zoe Bridges-Curry. “Corporate-backed lawmakers have a clear end-game with their unprecedented overreach, sabotage, bullying, and interference—to eliminate the rights and protections ensuring the 99 percent a fair shake in the workplace.”

For more details, check out the new chart illustrating the unprecedented attacks on key workplace protections by corporate-backed lawmakers in Congress.

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