Countdown to UCubed

Tomorrow, January 15, 2010, marks the start of a movement.

The IAM will launch Ur Union of Unemployed – or UCubed for short – an online community that aims to unify the unemployed in a unique and useful way.

Over 31 million Americans have lost work and wages in this Grave Recession. More than 35,000 members of our own union and many of our friends, relatives and neighbors are facing the toughest months in more than a generation. Their job prospects will depend, in large measure, on what happens in Washington.

Ur Union of Unemployed will organize the unemployed into community activist groups known as cubes. Together, they will turn up the heat on politicians from the State House to the White House to act swiftly to address the current jobs crisis, along with important issues like unemployment benefit extensions, food stamps, COBRA benefits and JOBS NOW!, the IAM effort to create new national industrial policy. Each cube will be organized by zip code. Six activists combine to make a cube. Nine cubes create a neighborhood. Three neighborhoods create a power block. Multiply that again and again, and you’ve got a powerful community that can effect real change – one that politicians can’t ignore.

“Ur Union of Unemployed will add a real sense of urgency to efforts to get all Americans back to work,” says IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger. “Everywhere we turn we see the personal devastation this recession has caused. But we know there’s strength in numbers. And 31 million unemployed Americans is a pretty big number. Help us. Help yourself. Help your country. Together, we can work to end this Grave Recession.”

On January 15, 2010, visit UCubed at and watch as the nation’s unemployed take back control.

To learn more about UCubed on click here.

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