December ‘IAM Journal’ Now Available

The December 2013 IAM Journal is now available to download via the new IAM Mobile 3.0 app.

In this month’s issue:

  • Budget Doesn’t Bring Holiday Cheer to Federal Workers, Unemployed
  • Machinists Warn TPP Will Put U.S. Manufacturing on ‘Endangered Species List’
  • IAM Retirees, Women Bridge Generational Divide
  • Guide Dogs Honor Gruber, Zannella, Mersky
  • Connecticut IAM Members Feed Families for Thanksgiving
  • TCU: PEB to Issue Report at Long Island Railroad
  • TRANSPORTATION: IAM Members Fight for Contract as US Airways and American Merger Moves Forward
  • AEROSPACE: IAM Members Ratify New Agreement with Pratt & Whitney

The new IAM Mobile 3.0, available for download on your smartphone or tablet at, combines all of the IAM’s popular online functions including the IAM Journal, Machinists News Network videos, the IAM webpage, iMail, IAM photo galleries, IAM Facebook and Twitter pages, IAM Territory pages, the TCU/IAM page and lots more, all in one easy-to-access app.  
Click here to watch a Machinists News Network video explaining all the new functions.

IAM Mobile 3.0 is not just tailored to smartphone and tablet users, anyone with a traditional computer can log on to to access many of the app’s features.

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