Decision Time Is Almost Here

Decision Time Is Almost Here

10-14-04 – The presidential election comes down to this: John Kerry and George W. Bush have different priorities for working Americans. Across the board—on Amtrak, transportation security, health care, good jobs, workplace safety and health, a secure retirement and more—George W. Bush has stood against us. John Kerry supports TCU issues time and again.

Consider the facts: John Kerry has plans to create 10 million new jobs in his first 4 years as president, he supports workers’ right to overtime pay protections; he supports seniors over drug companies and John Kerry stands with rail workers on the important issues of Amtrak, rail security and railroad retirement.

When George W. Bush assumed office the nation’s economic house was in order. The federal budget was balanced, a surplus was accumulating in the national treasury and jobs were being created in record numbers. No longer—the projected ten year $5.6 trillion budget surplus President Bush inherited has become a $422 billion annual deficit. Millions of Americans have been unemployed, while outsourcing has reached epidemic proportions.

When the facts are considered John Kerry is the right choice for working Americans.

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