Delta Flight Attendants Meet at Winpisinger Center

More than two dozen Flight Attendants from Delta Air Lines took part in a three-day planning session at the Winpisinger Center to promote their ongoing campaign to win IAM representation.

Delta Air Lines Flight Attendants met this week at the Winpisinger Center for three days of organizing training, strategy sessions and planning.

The training began with presentations from IAM instructors and attorneys on IAM history, National Mediation Board rules and regulations and organizing under the Railway Labor Act. Activists engaged in break-out sessions and devised specific plans to meet the needs of a diverse group of Flight Attendant professionals from different locations.  

“This week was extremely informative and it’s obvious the IAM has the resources and the ability to address Flight Attendant issues,” said Delta Flight Attendant Julianna Helminski. “This week we started training with a group of interested activists and left with proud IAM union leaders.”

The IAM-Delta Flight Attendant organizing campaign began in the summer of 2012 by a group of grassroots activists acting on their own accord. The movement has grown to include hundreds of activists with thousands of cards signed to date. The campaign received official IAM support in November.

“The activists leaders are very enthusiastic and fully understand the task before them,” said Transportation GVP Sito Pantoja. “We fully support the efforts of the Delta Flight Attendants.”

The IAM is the largest airline union in North America.

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