Delta, Northwest Workers Urged to Reject Intimidation

In a letter mailed to workers at Delta and Northwest Airlines, Transportation GVP Robert Roach, Jr. described the reports of harassment and intimidation by Delta managers during the recent round of organizing visits in Atlanta, Minneapolis, Detroit and other cities.

“A surprising number of Delta workers told us of how they supported the IAM campaign, but were terrified to be seen just making eye contact with an IAM representative anywhere near their workplace,” said Roach. “We also heard stories of how intimidation by Delta managers causes some employees to work in a constant state of fear – fear of making a mistake, fear of unjust discipline, fear of losing their jobs.

“The Machinists Union is moving quickly to provide you with an opportunity to vote, and signing a card helps guarantee you have the option to choose whether a union – and a workplace free from intimidation and fear,” said Roach. “There is no reason for any person to have to work in fear. You do your job in a professional way and that should be respected.”

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