IAM Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

The Biden administration proclaimed November 13 through November 19, 2022 as National Apprenticeship Week to support existing programs and to raise awareness of their importance in enhancing workers’ professional and practical skills while helping them to advance their careers.

Since its inception, the IAM has been proud to support innovative programs aimed to bolster students’ competencies while meeting the highest standards of quality, which is critical to their industrial states’ economic success.

Apprenticeships are a great alternative to traditional college education and provide our country with the best workers in the skilled trades that keep America competitive and safe.

Through the IAM CREST Program, the IAM Apprenticeship Department, the IAM National Apprenticeship Strategic Initiative, and IAM Local Lodges and Districts’ initiatives, we keep our commitment to increase access and opportunities to existing and prospective members so they can enjoy well-paid work with substantial room for professional and salary growth.

“This commemoration is a reminder that apprenticeships are key for our union’s growth and this country’s economy as workers must continually adapt to changing and emerging technologies,” said IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr.. “The IAM will continue to promote and support these programs through our collective bargaining agreements, so our members can have equitable access to professional knowledge, and technical and mechanical skills they need to succeed.”

In order to provide the best services to our members, Michael Oathout, IAM Director of Apprenticeships, requests that all districts work to create an apprenticeship committee. If you need assistance and resources with developing or expanding a registered apprenticeship within the District or Local, please reach out to the Apprenticeship Department at apprenticeships@iamaw.org.

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