Contract Extension Update (June 24, 2019): Union Coordinated Bargaining Committee (CBC) Continues to Negotiate with GE as Contract Deadline has Passed

Union members of the CBC, made up of eleven (11) unions, are presently working under the expired 2015-2019 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The 2015-2019 CBA expiration deadline of midnight on June 23, 2019 has dictated members are currently working under an extension. The CBC continues to negotiate with GE over concerns of rising health care costs, stagnant wages, dwindling retirement benefits, and the attack on overtime language.

The union request all members to continue to show their solidarity as the CBC plans to continue negotiation discussions with GE. The CBC main table and gallery are scheduled to sit down at 3:00PM EST with GE and discuss matters surrounding the unacceptable terms being offered by GE at this time.  

Remain strong and united as the bargaining team continues to fight for a fair and equitable collective bargaining agreement. To support the CBC and main table negotiation committee, you are asked to wear your Union CBC shirts daily.

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