IAM Healthcare Adds Staff to Boost Organizing Efforts

IAM International President Brian Bryant has appointed two seasoned organizers to key positions in IAM Healthcare, each poised to bring their wealth of experience and unwavering dedication to the forefront of advocacy in the healthcare industry.

First among them is Beth Pease, stepping into the role of Assistant Healthcare Coordinator. With an impressive track record spanning 25 years in the labor movement, Pease brings a specialized skill set honed through years of organizing, representing, and strategizing within the healthcare industry, as well as food service, textiles, and state government.

She is committed to amplifying the voices of healthcare professionals and ensuring they can advocate for themselves and their patients in an industry that presents workers with life-or-death challenges. Pease is based in Massachusetts but has worked all over the country. She was born and raised in Texas and has extensive experience running and winning campaigns in the South.

Joining Pease is Ivy Geilker, who has been appointed to the role of Associate Organizer.

Geilker comes to IAM Healthcare from her position with the Colorado State Employees’ Union as a lead organizer. Geilker has run successful organizing campaigns for employees in a variety of sectors, from university campus staff to workers at the Colorado Department of Natural Resources.

Geilker witnessed firsthand the dedication and sacrifices of healthcare professionals through her mother’s career in the industry.

“Beth and Ivy both possess an innate understanding of the indispensable roles of the essential workers of the healthcare industry,” said IAM Healthcare Director Shane Brinton. “They are champions of healthcare workers’ rights and safety, as they recognize the sacrifices these workers make to care for others.”

As Pease and Geilker assume their respective roles in the IAM, their combined expertise and passion will help the IAM to expand its representation in an industry where workers’ voices need to be raised more than ever.

“The healthcare industry is one of the many industries that is organizing with unions at an unprecedented rate,” said Bryant. “We are excited to bring on Beth and Ivy to help us grow our presence in this sector. Their experience in this industry is highly valuable and will lead to even better representation of our current healthcare members.”

Both appointments were effective Feb. 1, 2024.

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