Grand Lodge Representative, Macario Camorlinga


Macario Camorlinga
Grand Lodge Representative

Originally from Lazaro Cardenas Michocan Mexico, Macario Camorlinga came to the United States in 1985. Soon after, Macario started working as a machine operator at the American Racing Corporation and he and his co-workers realized that they needed to make a drastic change in the way the company treated them. As a group, the workers at American Racing decided to band together and fight to join a union. After much resistance from the company, Macario and his co-workers prevailed and won out against the company anti union tactics, and became members of the IAM.

Leadership qualities that Macario displayed during the organizing effort led to Macario being elected as both the chief steward and then Local Lodge President, Lodge 1910. In addition, Macario has served on the negotiations committee of his Lodge during the first contract negotiations.

In 1995, Macario was appointed as an Organizer at District Lodge 94. Recognizing Macario’s exceptional skills as an organizer, Macario was selected to enter the Grand Lodge Apprentice Organizing Program in 1997. Upon completion of the apprentice program, Macario became a Special Representative on the Organizing Department in December of 1998. He became a Grand Lodge Representative in June 2002.

Macario lives in Fontana, California with his wife Ofelia.

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