IAM Celebrates Addition of 320+ New Members Through NFFE-IAM Internal Growth Initiatives

In a significant boost to union strength and worker representation, the IAM Organizing Department is proudly announcing the successful addition of more than 300 new members. This achievement marks a notable milestone in their ongoing efforts to advocate for workers’ rights and improve workplace conditions across the federal sector.

The recent internal organizing campaign, which represents the first phase of this year’s initiatives, has culminated in the enrollment of 325 individuals. These efforts have been focused on NFFE-IAM locations, encompassing a diverse range of states, federal agencies, and sectors. This expansion is the result of several organizing drives initiated at the start of the year, reflecting the dedication and hard work of the teams involved.

“The IAM and NFFE-IAM are committed to continuing their efforts in organizing and empowering workers,” said IAM Organizing Director Michael Evans. “Our mission extends beyond mere organizational goals; it is about building a movement that uplifts every worker, providing them with the strength and confidence to advocate for their rights and future.”

Spearheading this campaign was Special Representative Jerry McCarty, supported by a tireless team including Grand Lodge Representative Sonny Martinez, Special Representatives Chris Casteel and Arther Jackson, Associate Organizer Bryan Conlon, and numerous NFFE-IAM representatives from across the country. Their collective efforts have been instrumental in reaching out to federal workers and conveying the benefits of union membership.

“Federal workers from coast to coast encounter challenges that mirror those in various other sectors, underscoring the universality of the struggle for fair treatment on the job,” said IAM Organizing Special Representative Jerry McCarty. “Recognizing the value of union representation is the first step towards earning the respect and conditions workers deserve.”

“We’re so proud of our team who continues to deliver results and give workers a voice and strength at their workplaces,” said IAM Assistant Organizing Director Juan Eldridge. “It is with great pleasure that we warmly welcome all the new members joining NFEE-IAM. They can be confident that they are now part of a robust and supportive union family, backed by the solidarity of over 600,000 IAM members.” 

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