District 19 Continues to Fight, Win Against Subcontracting at BNSF

District 19 General Chairmen are continuing their fight at BNSF against subcontracting and continue to win for our members.

General Chairman Kenny Krause was notified by General Chairman John Denny and Local Chairman Matthew Walock of work that was being sent out of the Northtown shop in Minneapolis and going off-property to a subcontractor for heavy engine repair. This is work that should have been sent to the Topeka, KS back shop to handle.

Krause was also notified by members at the Argentine shop of the main alternator repair work that was also sent off the property, a repair that Argentine IAM members should have been allowed to handle. Working together, three claims were filed and the fight was on.

After claiming the cases and conferencing the claims, the carrier realized they could not win and agreed to pay the claims. The penalty payment for the claims put over $6,300 in our member’s pockets.

“This District will never stop fighting for our members and protecting our work,” said Krause.

Thanks to all the local teams for working together to get the information needed to win the claims.

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