IAM District 19 Wins Paid Sick Leave for CSX Mechanical Employees

IAM District 19 and the IAM Rail Division have reached an agreement with CSX that provides paid sick leave for the approximately 700 IAM District 19 Mechanical Employees at the freight rail carrier.

The agreement provides for four paid sick days annually and the ability to convert up to an additional three personal days into sick days, for a total of seven potential paid sick days. Unused paid sick time will be contributed to the employees’ 401(k) account, or can be paid out at the end of each calendar year.

“Our freight rail members have stood strong for so long in order to achieve this victory,” said IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. “We’re going to continue to wage this battle across the industry to win this critical benefit for all freight rail workers.”

IAM District 19 continues to pursue paid sick leave for all freight rail workers.

“Our strength and solidarity have made the case to the carriers, policymakers, and the general public that we deserve paid sick leave,” said Josh Hartford, IAM Special Assistant to the International President for the IAM Rail Division. “We are now seeing the results of years of advocacy by our union and many others on this critical issue.”

The Brotherhood of Railway Carmen (BRC), a division of the Transportation Communications Union (TCU/IAM), also reached an agreement for paid sick leave.

“This is going to make a huge difference in the lives of IAM District 19 Mechanical Employees at CSX,” said IAM District 19 Assistant Directing General Chair Andrew Sandberg. “Our members will be able to rest easier at night knowing their union has won this for themselves and their families.”

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