Biden-Harris Victory a Win for Retirees

The following statement was issued by Richard Fiesta, Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans, regarding the 2020 presidential election results:

“The 4.4 million members of the Alliance for Retired Americans extend their congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on a hard fought, well-deserved and historic victory.

“Vice President Biden put the issues older Americans care about — expanding Social Security, protecting and expanding Medicare, improving retirement security, ending the pandemic, and making coronavirus vaccines and treatments affordable for all who need them — at the center of their campaign.

“Older voters compared the Biden record and plan with the Trump record, and four percent fewer older voters supported President Trump this year compared to 2016. This is not a surprise given the toll the coronavirus pandemic has taken on older Americans, the skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs, and President Trump’s promise to defund Social Security by eliminating the payroll tax if he is re-elected.

“Our members look forward to working with the Biden-Harris administration to strengthen and expand Social Security and Medicare, defend our pensions, lower prescription drug prices and end the pandemic.”


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