House Approves Draconian Budget

Will Lead to Massive Cuts to Medicare and Medicaid

The following statement was issued by Richard Fiesta, Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans, regarding today’s vote on the Fiscal Year 2018 budget resolution.

“The budget passed today is a disaster for older Americans and a bonanza for the wealthiest Americans and big corporations. The Republican budget will require nearly $500 billion from Medicare and more than $1 trillion in cuts from Medicaid over the next ten years – and still increase the deficit.

“States will be forced to make deep cuts in the number of people who receive benefits, or the amount of health care provided. More than 70 million Americans rely on Medicaid, including almost 6 million seniors who depend on it for their nursing home and home care services.

“By promising to sign this cruel legislation, President Trump – who as a candidate promised no cuts to cut Medicare and Medicaid – has shown his true colors. Older Americans will remember who fought for them, and who didn’t.”


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