Retiree Group Releases New Ad Opposing GOP Tax Bill

“Tell them to vote no on any tax plan that harms health care
for older Americans”

You can view the ads at

Washington – Today the Alliance for Retired Americans launched a digital campaign ad in six states – Arizona, Kansas, Maine, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Tennessee – calling on seven senators to vote against the GOP tax bill because of its effect on older Americans’ health care.

“These seven senators are key to stopping the GOP tax plan in its tracks – and preventing harm to older Americans,” said Richard Fiesta, the organization’s executive director. “Our members are asking them to oppose a bill that will slash Medicare and increase health insurance costs to pay for tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% and big corporations. They will be watching to see how their senators vote.”

“Every day 10,000 Americans turn 65,” he continued. “This devastating anti-senior plan has consequences that generations of seniors will be forced to endure.”

In addition to the digital ads, Alliance members will continue to phone their senators and speak out at local press conferences in Arizona and Maine today, and additional actions this week.

The Alliance for Retired Americans is a grass roots organization with 4.4 million members nationally, including all fifty states and the District of Columbia, working for the health and welfare of older Americans.

The ad’s script follows:

“The Republican tax plan is an attack on older Americans’ health care.

“It includes a devastating ‘age tax’ on older Americans – As much as $1500 a year in higher premiums for those over 50 according to AARP.

“And, it even slashes $25 billion from Medicare which seniors depend on.

“Why? To give big tax breaks to billionaires and big corporations.
“Tax breaks for the wealthy, cuts to Medicare and higher premiums for older Americans. What are they thinking?

“Call Senator Collins/ Moran / McCain / Flake / Corker / Lankford / Heller, tell her/him to vote no on any tax plan that harms health care for older Americans.”


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