Sign the Petition to Save Our Health Care

We need your help again to protect our health care. Right now, behind closed doors in Washington, a dozen Republican Senators are meeting to decide what will happen with our health care. They have held no public hearings to allow the public to see what they are doing.

We must fight back. Please click to sign our petition urging them to stop, before it’s too late.

Every public opinion poll shows that the American people strongly disapprove of this plan. Nonpartisan policy experts and the Congressional Budget Office confirm that it will strip coverage from millions of Americans and cause premiums to increase. Doctors, nurses and patient advocates all agree working Americans will pay more money for less care.

Why are they doing this? Because the Republican leadership is obsessed with cutting tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and big corporations.

They are making a choice – to put the interests of the millionaires and billionaires ahead of working American families.

The GOP plans are dangerous to retirees and working people. The Senate starting point is the Paul Ryan bill that will take health care from 23 million Americans, including more than 5 million people between the ages of 50 and 63. The plan will cause insurance premiums for millions more to skyrocket. It also weakens the Medicare Trust Fund, and cuts nearly $1 trillion from Medicaid, which pays for long-term care for millions of elderly Americans with nowhere else to turn.

Make sure your voice is heard. Please sign the petition today and look for more opportunities to speak out.

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