Sean Marcil Appointed Assistant Coordinator in IAM Retirees and Membership Assistance Department

IAM International President Brian Bryant has appointed Sean Marcil as Assistant Coordinator of the IAM’s Retirees and Membership Assistance Department. The appointment is effective June 1, 2024.

“Sean understands our membership assistance programs’ significant impact on our members’ lives,” said Bryant. “We are excited for Sean to continue enhancing these pioneering programs that firmly establish the IAM as a leader in the labor movement.”

Sean Marcil, a third-generation IAM member and a second-generation Employee Assistance Program Coordinator, has demonstrated unwavering dedication to the IAM and its members. His journey began at IAM Local 1746 at Pratt and Whitney Aircraft in Connecticut, where he joined the IAM in 2006 and became a shop steward in 2009. Despite facing a job loss due to a plant closure in 2011, Marcil seized the opportunity to further his education and pursue his passion for helping others as a Certified Addictions Counselor. This commitment to service is a testament to his character and his deep-rooted connection to the IAM.

Marcil’s journey is marked by a continuous pursuit of knowledge and skill development. Rehired to Pratt and Whitney in 2018, he was appointed to the role of EAP Coordinator for Local 1746 in East Hartford, Conn., in December 2019. His dedication to helping others led him to graduate with a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2022. He currently holds two counseling licenses in his home state of Connecticut, one as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor and the other as a Professional Mental Health Counselor.

In January 2023, he was hired as an IAM’s EAP Education program instructor at the William W. Winpisinger Education And Technology Center. His greatest passion remains helping his fellow union family while confronting and addressing the stigma of mental health issues in the workplace.

As a frontline mental health worker during the COVID pandemic, Marcil witnessed firsthand how critical the workplace can be in affecting the mental health of our members. In his new role, he hopes to educate members on understanding and identifying mental health issues in the workplace and build up a membership full of mental health allies to address our nation’s ongoing mental health crisis.

“Sean’s professional achievements, coupled with his roles as Vice Chair for Connecticut’s Chapter of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association and Recording Secretary for the Connecticut Chapter of Labor Assistance Professionals, reflect his commitment to excellence and his ability to make a significant impact in his field,” said IAM Retirees and Membership Assistance Department Director James Little.

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