2012 IAM Scholarship Winners

The IAM is pleased to announce the 2012 Scholarship winners.  This years Outside Committee of Educators chose 16 recipients. Eleven (11) College and three (3) Vocational School Scholarships were awarded to children of IAM members.  The final two (2) Scholarships went to IAM members. We congratulate the winners and thank all those who participated in the competition. The 2012 Scholarship winners are listed below.

Samuel A Milner | Christopher A. Sullivan | Benjamin A. Kramer | Jacob A. Haseltine (Roman Mayfield Winner)
Emiliy E. Foltz | Andres Dela Fuente, Jr. | Daryl Domo | Samantha N. Keller | Monica J. Cook
Erin M. Voyk | Edwin S. Park | Jeremy T. Smith | Sabrina Quilez | Laurianne R. Garabed
Morgan G. Huffman | Leo A. Gaghan

Honorable Mention

Samuel A. Milner

College: Tarleton State University
Major: Occupational Business Administration

Christopher A. Sullivan

College: New Mexico State University of Alumogordo
Major: Information Technology

Benjamin A. Kramer

Parent: Karen Kramer
LL W223 – White Lake, WI
College: North Central Technical College
Major: Auto Body Collision Repair and Refinishing

Jacob A. Haseltine

**Roman Mayfield Winner**

Parent: John Haseltine
LL 701 – Chicago , IL
College: University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign
Major: Mechanical Engineer

Emily E. Foltz

Parent: Stephen Bonifant
LL 463 – Jacksonville, AR
College: Duke University
Major: Pre-Med with Pharmacology Concentration

Andres Dela Fuente, Jr.

Parent: Andres Dela Fuente
LL 2152 – South Bay, FL
College: University of South Florida
Major: Chemistry

Daryl Domo

Parent: Joselito Domo
LL 447 – New York, NY
College: Stevens Institute of Technology
Major: Mechanical Engineer

Samantha N. Keller

Parent: Mark A Keller
LL 175 – York, PA
College: University of Kentucky
Major: Equine Science/ Business Management

Monica J. Cook

Parent: Thomas F. Cook
LL 751F – Seattle, WA
College: University of Washington – Seattle
Major: Double Major in Math/ Psychology

Erin M. Voyk

Parent: Phillip G. Voyk
LL 751A – Seattle, WA
College: University of Rochester
Major: Bio-Chemistry/ Biology

Edwin S. Park

Parent: Christine Park
LL 2202 – Seattle, WA
College: Stanford University
Major: Molecular Biology

Jeremy T. Smith

Parent: John Smith
LL 1776 – Philadelphia, PA
College: American University
Major: International Relations

Sabrina Quilez

Parent: Amelio Quilez
LL 1751 – Dorval, QC
College: Vanier College
Major: Animal Biology

Laurianne R. Garabed

Parent: Camille Garabed
LL 1751 – Dorval, QC
College: College Jean-de-Brebeuf
Major: Natural Science/Physics

Morgan G. Huffman

Parent: Herbert Huffman
LL FL1861 – Roanoke, VA
Voc-Tech College: Jefferson College of Health Sciences
Major: Physical Therapist Assistant

Leo A. Gaghan

Parent: Rodney Kates
LL S6 – Bath, ME
Voc-tech College: Northern Maine Community College
Major: Master Electrician

2012 Honorable Mentions

Allejah T. Franco

Parent: Robert V. Miller, Jr.
LL 1414 –
San Mateo, CA
GVP Allen

Casey Erwin

Parent: Dale R. Erwin
LL 701 – Chicago, IL
GVP Grube

Robert Massingill

Parent: Payling C. Massingill
LL 1782 – San Francisco, CA
GVP Pantoja

Jessica E. Simpson

Parent: Mervin W. Simmons
LL 2003 – Daleville, AL
GVP Martinez

Keaton T Shewcraft

Parent: Larry D. Shewcraft
LL 1720 – Calvert City, KY – GVP Martinez

Brittany M. Eckstein

Parent: Rick H. Eckstein
LL 764 – Vancouver, BC – GVP Ritchie

Eric A. Jacques

Parent: Raymond Jacques
LL 559 – Madison, ME
GVP Tucker

Sandra M. DelValle

LL 2003 – Daleville, AL
GVP Martinez

Applications for the 2013 Scholarship Competition will be made available for donwload in August of 2012. Announcements will be made here as well as iMail and other locations through-out the IAM website.


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