2022 IAM Scholarship Winners

The IAM is pleased to announce the 2022 Scholarship winners. An impartial committee of educators selected 16 recipients for this year’s awards. We congratulate the winners and thank all those who participated in the competition.

Filip Herle Motley, Local 746Hannah Marie Jensen, Local 1681Parminder Jit Sohal, Member, Local 2323Sophie Berls, Local 321Richard Huber, Local 434Emerson Cotter, Local 1947Jenna Therese Tumlos, Local 48Logan Seilhan, Local 1569Braden Clough, Local 1720Christian Wilson, Local 463Breanna Graves, Local 2003Hailey Haglid, Local 914Annalisa Battista, Local 2202Danielle Pearce, Local 2339NJohlesa Orm, Local 751ASienna Torrez, Local 2515 **ROMAN MAYFIELD WINNER**Honorable Mentions

Filip Herle

Parent: David Herle
Local Lodge 764 Company: Air Canada
College: University of British Columbia
Major: Business and Computer Science
GVP Chartrand

Hannah Marie Jensen
Parent: Travis Stanley Jensen
Local Lodge 1681 Company: Air Canada
College: Dalhousie University
Major: Therapeutic Recreation & Management
GVP Chartrand

Parminder Jit Sohal, Member

Local Lodge 2323 Company: Air Canada
College: York University
Major: Education
GVP Chartrand

Sophie Berls
Major:Parent: Frederick Berls
Local Lodge 321 Company: Pinnacle Solutions Inc.
College: University of California-Santa Barbara
Major: Global Studies GVP Bryant Kinesiology
GVP Pickthall

Richard Hubert

Parent: Richard Hubert, Jr.
Local Lodge 434 Company: NY Times
College: Hofstra University
Major: Communications
GVP Bryant

Emerson Cotter
Parent: David Cotter
Local Lodge 1947 Company: Mercury Marine
College: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Major: Computer Science
GVP Galloway

Jenna Therese Tumlos
Parent: Jose Tumlos
Local Lodge 48 Company: Altium Packaging
College: University of San Diego
Major: Computer Science
GVP Galloway

Logan Seilhan
Parent: Keith Seilhan
Local Lodge 1569 Company: Hughes Brothers
College: Southeast Community College
Major: Building Construction Technology
GVP Galloway
– Vo-Tech –

Braden Clough
Parent: Jon Clough
Local Lodge 1720 Company: Ashland Specialty Ingredients
College: Western Kentucky University
Major: Exercise Science/Kinesiology
GVP Wallace

Christian Wilson
Parent: Robert Wilson, Jr.
Local Lodge 463 Company: CAE, USA
College: Harding University
Major: Mechanical Engineering
GVP Wallace

Breanna Graves
Parent: David Graves
Local Lodge 2003 Company: M1 Support Services
College: LBW Community College
Major: Diagnostic Medical Sonography
GVP Wallace
– Vo-Tech –

Hailey Haglid
Parent: Barbara Ferolito-Haglid
Local Lodge 914 Company: United Airlines
College: Purdue University
Major: Biomedical Engineering
GVP Johnsen

Annalisa Battista
Parent: Michael Battista
Local Lodge 2202 Company: Alaska Airlines
College: University of Washington
Major: Biology/Pre-Med
GVP Johnsen

Danielle Pearce, Member
Local Lodge 2339N Company: CommutAir
School: Orlando Sanford Flying Club
Vo-Tech Certificate: Private Pilot
GVP Johnsen

Johlesa Orm

Parent: Ban Orm
Local Lodge 751A Company: Boeing
College: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Major: Computer Science
GVP Allen

Sienna Torrez
Parent: Victor Torrez
Local Lodge 2515 Company: Navarro, Inc.
College: New Mexico State University
Major: Biochemistry/Chemistry
GVP Allen
– Roman Mayfield Winner

Ava Passarelli, Member
Local Lodge 2323
Company: Air Canada

Renee Pecor – Vo-Tech
Parent: Ronald Pecor
Local Lodge 1529
Company: Amphenol Aerospace

Ashley Salgado
Parent: Everardo Gomez
Local Lodge 48
Company: Altium Packaging

John Bruchhagen
Parent: Trent Acord
Local Lodge 463
Company: CAE, USA

Mallory Formanack
Parent: Marcus Formanack
Local Lodge 2559
Company: American Airlines

Alex Philbrick
Parent: Thomas Philbrick
Local Lodge 751A
Company: Boeing

Kaden Braaflat
Parent: Jeffrey Braaflat
Local Lodge: FL225
Company: Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs


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