2024 IAM Scholarship Winners

The IAM is pleased to announce the 2024 Scholarship winners. An impartial committee of educators selected 16 recipients for this year’s awards. We congratulate the winners and thank all those who participated in the competition.

Joseph Mercado, Local 1726Naomi Beyersdorf, Member, Local 141Luis Quintanilla (Vo-Tech), Local 811Kyle Boron, Member, Local 2559Vinaya Sharma, Local 2323Caitlyn Burrell, Local 1681Madeleine Berls, Local 321Juliet Piacsek, Local FL2Kayla Wiseman, Local 66Julita Latka, Local 126Ben Ernst (VO-TECH), Local 1238Andrew Dyson, Local 2003Gabriella Recio *ROMAN MAYFIELD WINNER*, Local 2916Annabelle Motley (VO-TECH), Local 2003Nyla Murray, Local 751FEmma Armes, Local 751AHonorable Mentions

Joseph Mercado

Parent: Aleli Mercado
Local Lodge 1726
Company: Southwest Airlines
College: Tufts University
Major: Biology/Biomedical Engineering
Territory: Air Transportation

Naomi Beyersdorf
Parent: Russell Beyersdorf
Local Lodge 141
Company: United Airlines
College: University of Florida
Major: Nursing
Territory: Air Transportation

Luis Quintanilla (VO-TECH)

Parent: Luis Quintanilla
Local Lodge 811
Company: United Airlines
College: MIAT Tech School
Major: Airplane Mechanic
Territory: Air Transportation

Kyle Boron, Member
Local Lodge 2559
Company: American Airlines
College: Chandler Gilbert Community College
Certificate: Aircraft Mechanic
Territory: Air Transportation

Vinaya Sharma
Parent: Lalit Kapil
Local Lodge 2323
Company: Air Canada
College: Stanford University
Major: Software Engineer
Territory: Canadian

Caitlyn Burrell
Parent: Michael Burrell
Local Lodge 1681
Company: Air Canada
College: University of Calgary
Major: Biology
Territory: Canadian

Madeleine Berls
Parent: Frederick Berls
Local Lodge 321
Company: Flight Safety Defense
College: New York University
Major: Dance/Media, Entertainment & Technology
Territory: Eastern

Juliet Piacsek
Parent: Yvette Piacsek
Local Lodge FL2
Company: NFFE
College: University of Maryland
Major: Civil Engineering
Territory: Eastern

Kayla Wiseman

Parent: Danny Wiseman
Local Lodge 66
Company: Molson Coors
College: St. Louis University
Major: Forensic Science and Criminal Justice
Territory: Midwest

Julita Latka

Parent: Christopher Latka
Local Lodge 126
Company: Independent Mechanical
College: Olivet Nazarene University
Major: Kinesiology
Territory: Midwest

Ben Ernst (VO-TECH)
Parent: Lora Ernst
Local Lodge 1238
Company: Ay McDonald Manufacturing
School: NICC
Program: Diesel Mechanic
Territory: Midwest

Andrew Dyson

Parent: Andrew Dyson
Local Lodge 2003
Company: M1 Support Services
College: Auburn University
Major: Chemical Engineering
Territory: Southern

Parent: Manuel Recio
Local Lodge 2916
Company: Amentum
College: Texas A&M
Major: Public Health
Territory: Southern

Annabelle Motley (VO-TECH)
Parent: Josh Motley
Local Lodge 2003
Company: M1 Support Services
College: Wallace Community College-LBW Community College
Major: Dental Assistant/Hygienist
Territory: Southern

Nyla Murray
Parent: Chad Murray
Local Lodge 751F
Company: Boeing
College: Central Washington University
Major: Deaf Studies
Territory: Western

Emma Armes
Parent: Cory Armes
Local Lodge 751A
Company: Boeing
College: Grand Canyon University
Major: Elementary Education
Territory: Western

Sierra Schumacher
Parent: Christopher Schumacher
Local Lodge 99 Company: Finning

Halle Braaflat
Parent: Jeffrey Braaflat
Local Lodge FL225 Company: Department of Veteran’s Affairs

Fernando Rocha Jr.
Parent: Fernando Rocha
Local Lodge 126 Company: City of Chicago

Riley Stewart
Parent: Ernest Stewart
Local Lodge 2003 Company: M1 Support Services

Laci Chandler
Parent: Eric Chandler
Local Lodge 2006 Company: Fluor Marine Propulsion Corporation

Phillip Rushman
Parent: Brooks Rushman
Local Lodge 612 Company: Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad


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