2017 Human Rights Class, June 11-16

hr_savethedateThe chaos and hate in our communities today directly reflects human rights issues. Instead of moving forward together in the fight for human rights, people today are unwinding past generations’ work towards equality. The IAM’s Women and Human Rights Department still fights and advocates for our predecessors’ beliefs. The Human Rights Program is one way to ensure the IAM disburses our message and motivates leaders to continue our fight. It is also provides solid ground knowledge for our other programs. Block off the dates:

June 11 through June 16, 2017

Click here for the Human Rights Program’s official call letter. Then register for the program so we can see you in June! Any questions you have regarding this course may be directed to the Women’s and Human Rights Department at IAM Headquarters at (301) 967-4747 or to bfitzgerald@iamaw.org.

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