Why Black History Month?

If we celebrate our nation’s history, why have a special month dedicated specifically to the African-American community?  Or, any community for that matter? Simply put… so we don’t forget.

As the saying goes, “If we don’t remember, we are destined to repeat.” The United States is an envied country.  We set trends, excel in business and provide opportunities. But we can’t celebrate our country’s shining moments without remembering its darkest days.

Truth is, Black History Month isn’t just recognition of accomplished individuals who succeeded in spite of oppressive conditions. It is about our country realizing the color of a person’s skin doesn’t determine their level of success. Yes, we acknowledge individuals for their contributions to what is good about America, but we also lift up all people brought to this country in bondage and overcame adversity. We highlight aspects of African-American traditions to dispel fallacies and enrich ourselves. We share stories to embrace cultural differences and rejoice in similarities.

Black History Month reminds us that the struggle isn’t over; equality has not yet been achieved. We must work together so the “wrongs” of our past don’t prevent “rights” in our future.

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