Wear Blue on Wednesday, January 11th for National Human Trafficking Awareness

On Wednesday, January 11, we raise awareness of the indefatigable issue of human trafficking. This day is specifically dedicated to awareness and prevention of the illegal practice. This day of awareness is separate from the World Day Against Trafficking Persons, as established by the United Nations. The horrific injustice of human trafficking can affect people of any race and background, and on this day and every day we are all called to fight human trafficking wherever it exists.

This is why the IAM has helped established training programs for its members in our Air Transport Territory, both in the United States and Canada. They are trained to spot, take action, and alert authorities for those who may be victims of trafficking. Customer service agents and/or flight attendants are trained annually on how to spot and report someone who may be a victim of human trafficking or otherwise involved in human trafficking.

Did you know:

There are many forms of exploitation:

Approximately 80% of human trafficking today involves sexual exploitation, while 19% involves labor exploitation.

There is a staggering number of enslaved people today:

Right now, there are approximately 20 to 40 million slaves in the world.

Human trafficking is extremely profitable:

While $15.5 billion generated in industrialized countries from slave trading is already horrifying, the industry reportedly generates a profit of $32 billion yearly, worldwide.

Trafficking disproportionately affects women:

Though men can and are trafficked and exploited for labor, it is far more common for women to be trafficked, as they are far more often exploited for sexual reasons.

Finding trafficking red flags can save lives:

Some signs that a teen might be involved in human trafficking include but aren’t limited to: not coming home at night, new tattoos (of cherries, roses, dollar signs, or crowns), excessive crying, depression, exhaustion, secrecy, having older significant others, having many unknown adults on social media, STIs/STDs, or no longer engaging in regular social behaviors.

What is Human Trafficking

Indicators of Human Trafficking





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