Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is a time for appreciating important women from our mothers to celebrities and world leaders for the contributions they’ve made to our lives.
No matter if it is the woman who showed you how to get dressed, the lady who taught you to read and write, or the “shero” that inspires you to do more; women — past and present — make the world a better place.  Below are a couple of links that highlight the accomplishments of women throughout history. Please take the time to read and enjoy. Then, thank a phenomenal woman in your life. 

Women of Color Whose Names You Should Know -How many women can you identify?

31 Days of Amazing Women -Challenge yourself to be educated everyday of March about an inspirational lady. 

8 Women Who Ran for the White House – Something I bet you never learned in your history class.

Famous Firsts in Women’s History -From 1848 until 2016.

Honoring Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business -2017 Women honorees who you can relate to.

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