LL 1776 Women’s Committee brings Healthcare Issue to PA State Council

A couple of months ago sisters Sandy Niedermair and Michele Ozoroski started the LL 1776 Women’s Committee in Philadelphia, PA. They decided to focus efforts on Healthcare. Recognizing there is a political component to this important issue Sisters Sandy and Michele brought their message to the delegates at the Pennsylvania State Council of Machinists. “The House passed a horrendous healthcare bill. We can’t sit by and let the Senate pass a bill that unfairly burdens women, seniors or people with pre-existing conditions. We’re telling our Senators how we feel,” said Niedermair. Both sisters appealed to the delegates to help by participating in the postcard signing campaign. “Everyone deserves good affordable healthcare. We shouldn’t be penalized with a Cadillac Tax or policies that benefit insurance companies” added Ozoroski.

Sister Sandy and Sister Michele are working through the lodge’s women’s committee to educate all the members on how they are affected by healthcare and building solidarity through collective action on this critical issue.


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