Women’s Committees in Action: Local Lodge 1746

LL 1746’s Women’s Committee organized a collection of money and supplies at Pratt & Whitney’s East Hartford campus for the Prudence Crandall Center Women & Children’s Shelter. They received an outpouring of support from their members on the shop floor, demonstrating their Local’s commitment to the community.

“Our members, time and time again, show their commitment to helping each other and helping their communities, and LL 1746’s impressive success with this effort is no exception,” said Eastern Territory General Vice President Dave Sullivan.

“This generous effort by LL 1746’s Women’s Committee shows exactly the kind of impact these committees can have on our communities, which is why our membership prioritized founding women’s committees across our Union during our 2022 Convention,” said Julie Frietchen, Director of the IAM’s Women’s & Human Rights Department.

“Giving to our community is a pleasure and a privilege and such a successful collection displays our growing shared commitment to come together as a union and workforce for each other and those in need,” said Thérèse Hervieux.

This first-time collection raised almost $2,000 in cash donations, as well as several carloads of physical donations. LL 1746 looks forward to repeating their success next year.

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