Leadership Training for Young Workers

For the past few years, the AFL-CIO’s Leadership Institute (LI) has offered the opportunity for young workers to get valuable leadership development by serving as young worker trainers. The LI brings together leaders, staff, board members and community partners of state federations and labor councils, with the goal of building capacity, creating space for planning and developing programs that serve and engage affiliates.

The Young Worker Trainer program gives a few young people the opportunity to learn about leadership development and labor education in a real world setting. As part of the program, trainers develop new curriculum, work with experienced trainers to learn new skills and teaching techniques, and benefit from seeing how a full program is built and implemented. There is a time commitment – you have to be able and available to participate in prep sessions by phone (and one in-person session) and to prepare curriculum in time to get feedback and incorporate suggestions so that we have the highest possible quality program to deliver to our LI participants.

They are now soliciting applications for the coming year’s program. You can find the application here. (Note: dates reflect last year’s session, as this year’s dates haven’t been set yet. The interest application remains the same).

Dates for the two LI sessions and the one in-person prep meeting are still being finalized. The AFL-CIO covers the cost of travel for these events, but you will need to be able to arrange with your employer to attend the program.

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