Contract Log Hauling Company Joins IAM

The Woodworkers Department Apprentice Organizer Jake Merkel and newly hired District W24 Business Representative Mike Gamble recently organized William H. Smith Trucking, a contract log hauling company in Oregon.  The first contract was easily negotiated in good faith with the anxious employer.  The new benefits to the company include the Nelson Trust benefit package, an employer paid vacation savings plan,  seniority rights,  a superior wage and a grievance procedure, just to name a few.

The owner of the company, Mark Smith, understands the importance of these benefits available to his employees.  Mark agreed to the possibility of negotiating into the I.A.M. Pension Plan at a later date.  Not only will Mark’s employees benefit but he will benefit as well.  By joining the I.A.M. Mark is eligible for the benefits too.

The newly organized operation would like to see the implementation of a log trucker’s cooperative.  The cooperative would prove to be a powerful voice in the process of re-establishing state-regulated haul rates. William H. Smith Trucking wants to form a cooperative with other like companies to strengthen their industry.

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