District 141 Pioneers Spanish Language HazMat Program

from left) David Otoya (Local 811), Victoria Schoening (Local 1731), Victor Acosta (Local 914), Suzette Fleischmann (Facilitator), Alberto Herrera (Local 1759), Teri McClendon (IAM CREST, Staff)

A quartet of IAM CREST Associate Instructors from IAM District 141 recently took part in a Spanish Development Workshop designed to ensure that Spanish-speaking members will have the same access to dangerous goods training materials as English-speaking members.

CREST Associate instructors from Local 811 in Houston, TX, Local 1731 in Cleveland, OH, Local 914 in Newark, NJ and Local 1759 in Alexandria, VA were joined by IAM CREST Staff Member Teri McClendon in the November 13-17 workshop to translate current dangerous good training material from English to Spanish.

“The Hispanic population is the fastest growing population in the United States and IAM CREST is taking a pro-active approach to deliver quality training to its Spanish speaking trainees,” said McLendon.

The Corporation for Re-Employment and Safety Training (CREST), is a non-profit organization sponsored by the IAM and designed to provide job re-entry and safety training services. Click here for more information about training available through CREST.

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