District 15 Organizes 225 at GKN Aerospace in New York

District 15 organizers and new IAM members at GKN Aerospace in Amityville, NY celebrate an organizing win that secured bargaining rights for 225 workers.

New York District 15 scored a decisive organizing victory recently when 225 workers at GKN Aerospace in Amityville, NY rejected a fierce anti-union campaign and voted overwhelmingly to join the IAM. The win comes after two previous elections fell short.

“The company did everything in their power, just as they had in the previous campaigns,” said District 15 DBR Jim Conigliaro. “They employed anti-union consultants and fired union supporters during Christmas week in a bid to intimidate workers at the facility.”

District 15 Organizing Director Vinny Addeo and the entire staff worked tirelessly to overcome the anti-union campaign. “The core group of supporters at GKN used the training and education the IAM had given them previously,” said Addeo. “After two previous campaigns, they were prepared and knew what to expect.”

“Congratulations to the new members and to DBR Jim Conigliaro and his staff,” said Eastern Territory GVP Lynn D. Tucker, Jr. “Their dedication and perseverance paid off and the victory is a great way to kick-off to the New Year.”

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