District 19 Reaches Tentative Pact for Freight Rail Members

After several months of negotiations, mediation and a presentation to a Presidential Emergency Board (PEB) appointed by President Obama, IAM District Lodge 19 has reached a tentative agreement with the National Freight Carriers represented by the National Carriers’ Conference Committee (NCCC).

The tentative agreement mirrors the PEB recommendations, except negotiators were able to maintain the three cent COLA of 01/01/11 in the base rates. A copy of the PEB recommendations is available here.

“It’s been a very difficult two years of bargaining, but in the end we have prevailed,” said Joe R. Duncan, IAM District 19 President and Directing General Chairman. “We achieved more than what the Carriers claimed was the pattern settlement. By any measure, this agreement delivers excellent increases in compensation while holding the line on employee health care costs.”

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