District 751 Brings Improvements on Wage Disparity to Boeing Workers

As a result of actions taken by District 751, thousands of IAM members at Boeing will see an increase in their pay.

Last October, District 751 demanded to bargain the effects of Boeing’s wage disparity created by changes in the company’s hiring practice. Without opening the contract, the district utilized effects bargaining, a letter of understanding and a joint union-company wages committee as a pathway to discuss pay topics the union felt needed to be addressed in a positive way for the membership. The conversations addressed both documented contractual practices and arbitrary decisions regarding wages for new hires.

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Efforts focused on the company’s pay practice of hiring at pay rates above the minimum rates to attract employees with specific experience. This caused members already employed at Boeing to receive pay rates less than new employees with equivalent experience.

“When an employer changes our working conditions, we have choices to make to protect our members,” said District 751 President and Directing Business Representative Jon Holden. “A union has the legal right to demand to engage in ‘effects bargaining’ whenever working conditions or company policies change.”

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“The members of 751 took an unfair situation and turned it into pay increases for thousands of their Brothers and Sisters,” said Western Territory General Vice President Gary Allen. “The leadership of District Lodge 751 continues to perform valiantly in the face of adversity by improving the lives of countless IAM families.”

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