District 751 Notches Aerospace Organizing Win

Workers at AIM Aerospace, Inc. in Sumner, WA, have voted to join the Machinists Union by a 3-to-2 margin.

On July 26, 2013, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) reported that 60 percent of the votes cast were in favor of the union. The results must still be certified by the NLRB.

The vote covers more than 250 workers at the AIM plant in Sumner, which is south of Seattle. The company is a tier-one supplier to the Boeing Co. and Airbus and also provides components to major aerospace suppliers like Spirit AeroSystems. It directly competes with Triumph Composites in Spokane, which is also an IAM-represented aerospace company.

District 751 President Tom Wroblewski thanked the union staff and volunteers who spent several months working on the unionizing effort, and he singled out Loren Guzzone for leading his first successful organizing campaign as a member of the District 751 staff.

“The biggest congratulations go to the workers at AIM themselves,” Wroblewski said. “They stood up for themselves, and stood together in the face of a pretty vicious anti-union attack by management. This strong show of solidarity right at the start is a very good sign, and I’m optimistic about the future for our new brothers and sisters at AIM.”

“Congratulations to everyone involved in this campaign, especially the workers of AIM,” said Western Territory General Vice President Gary Allen. “The Machinists Union is proud to stand with the workers of AIM and provide them with the representation they deserve.”

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